Wireless Music

I’m not sure how many of you know that I’m a hard core music lover. There’s always one song running through my mind all day long, and music is something I need all the time, be it while working, while driving or even walking.

My love for music has been constant. 
But given the immense growth technology has made over time, my needs and demands have also changed accordingly. 
I lately got my hands on the new Sony XB950B1 and used it for a little over a week before writing this. And I have so much to tell you all about the headphones! Sony has quite a reputation when it comes to audio. The headphones are designed to be paired wirelessly with smartphones, which makes them super handy and easy to use, especially for someone who’s on the go as much as I am. 
I’m currently in France, and I used the headphones all throughout my airport formalities in India, and even on flight for a bit. I even spotted 2 people at the Munich airport during transit, using the same ones haha.
Although the headphones look a little big for my face (most headphones do :/), but they’re surprisingly comfortable to wear when I use them, and don’t budge once they’re on. 
The left ear cup has the power button, microphone (for hands-free calls), USB Porting port, 3.5 mm audio jack and a special ‘Bass effect’ button, while volume and playback controls are on the right cup. In today’s world, it’s basically taken care of all our needs. 
Another interesting feature is that the headphones are designed for bass lovers and their “Bass Effect” button instantly enhances the bass output. How cool is that?! Apart from the High Bass output, they also offer really good noise-cancellation. The ear-cups cover the ears completely and further block any surrounding noises while listening to Music. Could we ask for more? 
And guess what? It promises 18 hours of runtime after a 4-Hour charge! Now I actually don’t have to worry about dying wireless headphones while travelling. Additionally, theres an included audio cable that one could use if the battery runs out, and you still need your dose of music. 
My Sony Headphones can be used with a companion ‘Connect’ app that lets me choose multiple listening environments such as Arena, Club and Concert Hall. The “Bass Effect” functionality can be controlled via the app as well!
Overall, the pair of Headphones offer excellent sound performance and is a good buy if you’re looking at an all rounder pair of headphones. If you love music just as much as I do, trust me, these headphones are made for you!
You can shop the headphones online by clicking here.