The world in your pocket!

Dress & shoes – Makemechic, Bag – Asos, Necklace – Topshop, Rings – Forever 21
Hello there! 
Today’s post is going to be a little long. Sorry if you get bored, but I haven’t been this excited to write or style a post in so so long! I’m talking about online retail today. I want to share with you’ll my favourite international online retailers for clothes, accessories and of course, shoes! 
Shopping, has evolved so much over the years. Ever since online retail started, it’s grown leaps and bounds! And why not? It makes shopping so much easier. You’re not bound by time, you can shop from work or home or even on your way to work using your phone! Another big advantage is that you get your goodies right at your doorstep, and shipping is usually free! And most importantly, it’s like the world is your oyster! You can get stuff delivered to you from literally anywhere in the world!
The only downside I believe is the time it takes to receive the products, especially with international orders. But I’m more than willing to overlook that as long as I ultimately get what I want. In fact, now I’m so used to the time it’s going to take to reach me, I usually plan my orders ahead in time so that I get the stuff just when I need it. 
Anyway, now that I’ve spoken enough about online retail, here’s a list of my favourite international webstores :
If you happen to follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know that a huge part of my wardrobe and shoe collection comes from two websites, one of them being makemechic. I absolutely love this store! These guys have the most amazing shoes! And they do a pretty decent job on clothes too. Sometimes I fall too much in love with their jewellery as well. Their stuff is very very unique, unlike all other stores. Ordering from these guys though has a few more cons if you live in India. Firstly, their shipping charges are whopping! Also, once their parcel reaches the country, our customs office keeps it with them for almost 2 months. I don’t know why. And then they charge a phenomenal duty of around 2-3 k depending on your parcel size. So unless you’re willing to shell out a good 3-4 k on a pair of shoes, you might wanna give this one a pass. I only shop from them once a year (maybe twice if i can save up), which is for my birthday. And I mostly order stuff on sale, so I save my money there! They always have loads of offers and discounts going on. So if you know someone who can receive the products for you in the US, you might wanna give this store a look!
I probably don’t need to give you an introduction on this one. Being the world’s largest online fashion retail business, they offer free worldwide shipping. And you can get brands like New Look and River Island here, which we sadly don’t have full access to in our country yet. The only sad part is the duty again, which is usually between 30-35% and you have to pay it online before the parcel reaches you. 
I don’t have much to say about these sites except the fact that they offer free international shipping too! Every now and then I check their collection out and sometimes even fall in love with a few things. Romwe, too, offers free international shipping if you’d like to check them out.