The Ultimate Braid Brunch

When it comes to braids, I don’t think you’ll ever come across someone who struggles with them as much as I do. Which is probably one of the biggest reasons why I prefer leaving my hair loose most of the time, and you barely see me sport a different hairstyle. I’m used to having my mum braid my hair for me every time I oil it, and the one year I spent studying away from home, I’d watch tutorials on YouTube on how to do a basic braid, and would still not end up with it looking right.
K√©rastase recently hosted the Ultimate Braid Brunch at the spanking new Dessange salon in Bandra, Mumbai. Now I obviously didn’t know what to expect, since I’d never been to a braid brunch before, but if there was any chance of me learning more about braids, I knew I had to be there!
At the brunch, the first thing that I was very impressed by was how spacious and plush the new salon is! Before getting into braids, they took me around the place and I was super impressed! I know I’ll be going back there for a mani-pedi sesh in the near future. Maybe a massage too! 
We then headed to the hair stations, and they had a space saved up for me, with a canvas that had my face printed on it! It was so cool, and I even got to bring the canvas home with me, which only made it better!

I was then handed a ‘Book of Braids’ by my stylist, who asked me to choose one braid that I’d like to go for. Now I’m pretty sure most of you here have tried on a fishtail braid in the past, but as much as I love them, trying to create one myself is something I find next to impossible! So that’s what I opted for. Before braiding my hair, the stylist used the iconic K√©rastase Elixir Ultime on my hair lengths and ends, just to tame any frizz and make my hair feel a lot softer. I flipped through the pages of the braid book, which actually gave me quite a bit of a know-how into braiding, that I can only hope will help me in the future! We snapped a few images and took a couple of Boomerangs once my braid was all done, and I was left feeling rather happy and pampered, thanks to the lovely service and not to forget, some yummy treats too!

Shirt – Zara; Jeans – H&M; Shoes – Forever21; Sunglasses – bought at Beautiful in Lokhandwala