The Bohemian Traveller

Currently sitting at the airport in Morocco, waiting to get back home. I have a good 24 hours of flights, layovers and airport lounges ahead of me, which I’m not looking forward to, but I’m so glad to finally have decent internet access! The beauty of Morocco has got me so inspired and pumped up to get back and work on a lot of new stuff!

There’s something about bohemian dressing that makes me feel all confident, comfortable and carefree. Adding that hippie vibe to a look can be a lot of fun, and this time, I’ve done it with a little bit of an edge. I started off with a basic top and denim shorts from Only, and decided to go for this super colourful Only longline shirt dress to layer over my look. I love how the colours are so fall inspired, but still manage to keep that bright, vibrant feel of summer going on. The ornate print reminds me of all the intricate details in Morocco, and how I wish I’d brought this outfit here with me! I finished the look with a floppy hat and suede boots, opting for that carelessly careful vibe.
How’d you guys like this outfit?

Shirt dress, Top, Shorts – Only; Boots – Zara; Hat – Accessorize
Location courtesy – Renaissance Powai