That colour is not for me!

Playsuit : Originally from Primark, bought from Pax at Colaba ; Belt : The Snob Shop ; Shoes : New Look ; Bag : Manish Market (Andheri west) ; Sunglasses : Gift 

While I was looking through all the gorgeous dresses from this year’s Cannes red carpet, one that really caught my eye was Uma Thurman’s canary yellow Versace gown that she wore for the Pulp Fiction anniversary tribute. It was so different from all the others, and the way she pulled off the colour was absolutely perfect! 

I always tend to shy away from bright yellows because I believe that the colour can look a little loud on my skin tone. But since I’ve been in the experimenting mood lately, I decided to take inspiration from Uma Thurman and give canary yellow a try. This halter neck playsuit had been lying at the back of my closet for probably 2 years now, and every time I’d clean my wardrobe, I’d see it there with the price tag still on, making me feel guilty. I never got rid of it because I hoped I’d wear it someday. And finally, this playsuit got to see the light of day! I wore a mirrored belt for some break in the yellow, and created a contrast with pink framed sunglasses and nails to match. Once the entire look was done, I was actually pleased with myself and I kind of wished I had tried the colour a little sooner. 

So the next time you think a colour is not for you, think again. Maybe it is for you, but you just don’t know it yet! Don’t hold back on trying bold colours. Experiment and give it a shot! It’s the right season for bright tangerines and yellows, and you never know, you might just surprise yourself and fall in love with the colours just the way I did!