Summer Shades

If you had asked me about my personal style a year back, I would have definitely described it as feminine, girly, chic and everything with those vibes but lately I have been experimenting a lot! Whether it is trends, styles or even colours. I’ve always been open to trying new things, and I’m currently pretty obsessed with the Androgynous trend! Be it suiting up, or sporting a more basic athleisure look, going androgynous with my style sometimes brings in a much needed change to my personal style, and actually a lot of fun too!
So I recently got my hands on two pairs of sunglasses from Emporio Armani’s latest collection, both very different and extremely unique. Initially I thought they wouldn’t match my sense of style but on trying them on, I was actually quite surprised that they worked with a lot of my outfits and fit into the androgynous trend perfectly! The first pair has rimless lenses with red floral details and the second is a leopard print matte frame, and I created three looks around the sunglasses to share with you today!
I was aiming to avoid gender stereotypes and for the first look, I opted for an all black power suit, that I teamed up with barely there heels and a white bralette. I honestly felt super confident in this outfit and it gave me total #BossBabe vibes!
For look 2, I opted for a denim on denim vibe, with a basic white bodysuit and sneakers to match. A little bit of colour through the sunglasses, and I was good to go!
I kept my outfit simple for the third look so that my sunglasses can be a statement piece. I picked a classic white shirt and tied a knot to make it a little fun, and paired it up with checked shorts and a leather cap. The matte sunglasses were the finishing touch to pull it all together.
These were some of my ways of experimenting and having fun with fashion, do let me know what you think about this trend and the sunglasses!








  1. June 12, 2018 / 2:43 pm

    Nice, Thank for this valuable post

  2. June 29, 2018 / 4:20 am

    Nice outfit. Fell in love with this denim and leopard sunglasses.