#SnobEats at The Westin Pushkar

My experience staying at The Westin Pushkar Resort and Spa was unlike any other. You can read all about it here in case you missed it, but for today’s post, I’m only going to be talking about the food, because despite being a very fussy vegetarian, I cannot tell you how much delicious food (and drinks) I’ve devoured there!

Starting with one of my favourite parts of the entire experience, you must’ve heard of breakfast in bed, and that is quite delightful too, but I’m sure you’ve never experienced a floating breakfast, in your private indoor pool! This has been an unparalleled moment for me, and one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen on any of my travels until now. They spoilt us rotten, with a big breakfast for two, that came in trays that float on water. The pictures do it no justice at all, because seeing it in person, and actually eating your breakfast in the pool, is something you have to do for yourself.
Now coming onto one of the most fun things I did there, which was making my own cocktails. Mix, which is the lounge at The Westin, has a very fun menu with an array of interesting cocktails, and also gives you the option of making your own from scratch. It comes with the cutest set up, instructions, and a very helpful and fun mixologist to guide you through it all. If you enjoy cocktails, making your own is a different experience altogether, and one of my top recommendations there!
On our first night there, we ate at Panorama, which is a rooftop lounge, that offers cute little cabana seating, and the most amazing view of the entire resort, and the Aravali range beyond that. Delicious cocktails, even better food, and some lovely sheesha to bring it all together. All in all, it was a fun fun night, and we couldn’t have asked for a better first night there.
We ate a lot of our meals at Seasonal Tastes, which is the multi-cuisine restaurant that offers all day dining. We got to enjoy their Asian (highly recommend the spinach dim sums!), continental and Indian food, and we even had the chance to interact with their head chef, who recommended some of the most mouth watering dishes! It was extremely hot during our stay, and we tried a chilli cooler in an attempt to beat the heat. Trust me when I tell you, that I crave for it even today! Hands down, one of the best and most refreshing non-alcoholic drinks I’ve ever had!
Last, but definitely not the least, were the refreshing drinks we sipped on by the pool, at Splash. With a picturesque and sprawling pool at your disposal, and yummy nibbles, an evening by the pool at The Westin Pushkar is an experience you don’t wanna miss!
Writing this post has made me wanna desperately go back and revisit the entire staycation, but I’m going to let the memories suffice until I go back!