France Travel Diary : Lux Fragrance Experience in Paris

Hey hey!
I’m currently in Sri Lanka, in this beautiful city called Galle (if you’re on my Snapchat or Instagram, you probably already know), but I’m sharing the first of my Paris travel diaries with you! Lux very kindly invited me to be part of their Global Ambassadors and along with a few other influencers from various parts of the world, took us on a fragrance experience to Paris and Grasse, which is the fragrance capital of the world. I also got to spend my 23rd birthday in Paris, which was beyond exciting, since I’d always wanted to visit the city!

I’ll be talking about my first two days of the trip today. We arrived in Paris and stayed at Hotel Bachaumont, which is a very charming and cute place to stay if you’re ever in the city. We were welcomed to the room with Lux’s Magical Spell shower gel (which smells divine btw), along with some delicious Laduree macaroons and a luxurious robe that had my name embroidered on it! We got to spend most of the day by ourselves, before we had to head out for a welcome dinner. 
It was my birthday eve, and I wore a floral tulip dress from Asos, with my Zara faux suede pumps. The dinner was absolutely lovely, and it was so exciting to meet some amazing people from different corners of the world!
I also saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time, against the gorgeous pink sky, and it was just so unreal!
The next morning, we visited the incredible House of Givaudan, where most of the world’s famous and popular fragrances are created, including my current favourite, Narciso Rodriquez! We learnt so much about perfume and fragrance there, and also got the chance to create one of our own! We had to try and replicate Lux’s signature scent, Magical Spell, and had the right lab attire for it too! 
Lux also surprised me with a delicious cake, which was totally unexpected, and I was completely caught off guard haha! I decided to take a stroll around the neighbourhood and sneak in a little bit of shopping before dinner, and decided to call it a night since we had an early morning flight to Nice the next day. A big thank you to Lux for making my birthday special. More from t
he rest of our trip will be up on the blog tomorrow!