Cuban Summers

While I’m working on something new and extremely exciting for the blog (more details soon!), I pulled some inspiration from Cuba for today’s post. Cuba and the wider Caribbean area has been one of my top places I wish to visit ever since I saw pictures of the vibrant Cuban streets.

I created this look using pieces from ONLY’s new Havana collection, that immediately takes you to what I imagine a Cuban summer would feel like. With a lush colour palette, you’ll find vivid oranges, blues and mustards, that beautifully come together in the entire range. I wanted a comfy look that could easily be worn around the streets in the summer, but could be taken to the beach as well. This lightweight slouchy tee with feathers and tassels was the perfect pick, which I teamed up with ripped black denim shorts, a cute summery bag with a pineapple on it, and the perfect Cuban hat.
Each piece in the look creates a statement of it’s own, but also compliments the other pieces when paired together. What’s your summer inspiration? Let me know! More pictures below!
Tee, shorts, bag, hat – ONLY; Sunglasses – RayBan; flip flops – Westside
Location – The Boston Butt, Kala Ghoda