Casual Chic

Denim joggers : Forever 21, Crop top : Shimmer (Lokhandwala), Bag : Primark, Shoes : Done by None, Cuff : Aldo, Ring : Forever 21

Although I’m usually one to choose comfort over style, sometimes my need for fashion overpowers my need for comfort, especially when I crave to get into a pair of heels! I always have a spare pair of flats in the trunk of my car to deal with such situations, though. 

There is no weather better than this to wear crop tops, and given the chance, I’d wear crop tops everyday! These denim joggers are perfect for a day that involves a lot of walking, and paired with a crop top, they give you a casual chic look. I chose to keep my makeup and jewellery to a minimum, to achieve that casual everyday vibe, and added a little colour with the shoes. 

Many of us are the type to go for comfort over style, but achieving both is a bonus! If you’re looking for something comfortable and stylish, wearing any kind of loose pants, even sweats, with a crop top will do the trick!