An afternoon with Patrick Cameron and Wella Professionals

Having the perfect healthy looking, shiny and frizz free hair is probably almost every girl’s dream! And although some of us are blessed with such hair naturally, one still needs that extra TLC to battle it out with the humidity, pollution and other Indian weather conditions. With monsoons right around the corner, I’m sure we can foresee the difficult times ahead.

About two weeks ago, I spent an afternoon with Wella’s Global Ambassador, Patrick Cameron. When it comes to hair, he is like an artist! On his trip to India, his hair shows literally blew everyone away! I, along with a few other bloggers, was part of a fun session with Patrick, where we discussed all things hair, and I learnt a few genius haircare tips that I’d never even think of. During the conversation, he mentioned that he could tell characteristics about people just by looking at their hair. As surprising and unbelievable as that sounds, the way he described me was quite true, so I could probably vouch for it haha.

Patrick also showed us a couple of existing and upcoming Wella products and let us try them out to see for ourselves. His knowledge and expertise in the field is absolutely amazing, and I’m sharing some of his wisdom with you below!
Here are a few tips that Patrick recommended :
– This one is the most shocking of the lot. We’re always told that shampoo strips our hair of it’s natural oils, which it does, but Patrick pointed out that shampoos also have nutrients in them. Although we see the nutrients mentioned on the packaging, we tend to overlook it somehow. At least I am guilty of that. I always just rely on my conditioner to work it’s magic. Patrick suggested that when you shampoo, let your shampoo sit in for just about a minute and a half before you rinse it out. Since we leave our conditioner in for 3-5 minutes, this should comparatively be a shorter time. This won’t dry your hair out, but will in turn, help the hair absorb all the good stuff from your shampoo.
– As much as we may stress about not combing your hair when it’s wet, that is actually the best time to detangle it. But, instead of using something like a Tangle Teezer, he recommended using a wide toothed comb to do the job. I have personally been doing this for a while now, and it does make a huge difference to my hair.
– Don’t stick to one product, keep experimenting and switching up your hair products. I have recommended this in the past as well, but Patrick emphasised this quite a bit, so I’m giving it a quick mention again. 
– Make sure you’re keeping your hair well hydrated at all times. If you feel that one small pump of your leave-in conditioner isn’t doing the job, take more. You know your hair best. Sometimes, if your hair is extremely frizzy, you may need 6-7 pumps of product, and that’s okay. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Start with small amounts and observe while building up slowly.
Of course, Patrick did mention a lot of the haircare basics as well, but I’ve discussed all that with you guys in my videos in the past, so I thought I’ll share some stuff that I found new and helpful, and that might help you guys too. 
There’s no questioning Wella’s expertise in hair care, and with their products and the help of Patrick Cameron, haircare is about to get so much easier! Stay tuned for some super exciting launches Wella has planned ahead!

Also, here’s what I wore to the event. I picked this dress up from a street stall in Bangkok, my bag is from Accessorize and my heels are from Koovs.

To roundup the post, I thought I’d show you guys a little look into Patrick’s Modern Vintage themed hair shows that took place in 3 cities for hair stylists, to provide them with inspiration and ideas. Modern Vintage takes it’s inspiration from the 1960’s because of the enduring fashion influence of that time. While working on these hairstyles, Patrick Cameron is absolutely captivating and a complete hair magician!