A day with Amway

What’s a brand that you remember from a decade ago? Not many make the list for me.
Apart from a few food brands that I cherish since childhood, my beauty, fashion and lifestyle
preferences have changed over a period of time. But for as long as I can remember, Amway
has always been there.

For more than 20 years in India, Amway has served us all with nutrition, personal and home
care products. My family members have always relied on Amway products for their quality.
Recently, I had a chance to engage with the brand once again as I was invited for an event
featuring the Attitude range of beauty products as well as three newly-launched television
commercials. This event was specially curated for beauty and lifestyle bloggers.
I learnt that the Attitude range has been specifically designed for Indian consumers, keeping
our skin type and preferences in mind. I have always wondered how we have ended up
using products designed for western skin types for so long. But now we all have an option
with the Attitude range.
Apart from the products, the messaging behind Attitude was also quite interesting. I think it
really speaks to young women who don’t want to be confined by stereotypes and want to
make their mark in whatever they do, be it in the classroom or the boardroom. All the three
commercials brought this out really well. The tagline, ‘Don’t limit my attitude’ also captures
this sentiment really well.
We played a fun game that helped us to get to know each other better and express our
thoughts about the idea behind attitude. Don’t limit my attitude resonated with me because I
believe no matter what you do, people will always try to limit your ambitions to their
stereotypes. But we can always rise above them and bring out the best in us.
Here is a video of my experience:
Obviously, I was also interested in the product showcase. I am sharing a short review of the
products for you guys. The new range of Be Bright includes the face wash, scrub, face mask
and Day & Night cream. The Attitude range includes- face wash and moisturizers in dry and
oily type. The cosmetics include matte lipsticks, blusher duo, eye-shadow palette, crème
lipsticks, nail enamels, compact powder and eye enhancers.
You guys already know about my love for mascaras and I have a new favorite now – the
Attitude mascara by Amway. It gives my eyelashes volume without making them clumpy.
Brownie Delight Matte Lipstick is a beautiful shade. I love nude shades and a matte formula
is like a cherry on top. The texture is very smooth and soft which makes it glide on the lips. I
also tried my hands on the Attitude Moisturizer in the dry variant which includes grape fruit
extracts to make the skin soft and supple.
The range has many more products that you can try. Check out the entire range here.