5 Recently Discovered Beauty Essentials

Every time I travel, I make sure to go to the pharmacies and beauty stores in the area to see what kind of different products they have. Living in India, we aren’t exposed to a wide variety of beauty products, and raiding the stores abroad seems to be the only option. I’m sharing with you some of the essentials I discovered off late, and where you can get the same or similar products, here in India!

1. Dermalogica – Overnight Clearing Gel

I have very sensitive skin that is extremely prone to random breakouts. If I use a product on my hair in the night, I will usually have a breakout on my face by morning! I’ve been looking for a good spot on treatment for my skin for a while now. I’d heard a lot about Dermalogica, and gave this gel a try. It almost works like a miracle! If you have breakout prone skin like mine, I definitely recommend this! You can get it at a Dermalogica store in your area, or order it online here.

2. Oil absorbing sheets

The weather in Mumbai is extremely humid. Many of us use our hands to wipe our faces. But what we don’t know, is that this can cause acne. If we use paper towels to absorb the excess oil from our face, our makeup doesn’t last and by the end of the day, one ends up looking like a complete mess. I found these oil blotting sheets at Sasa in Hong Kong recently, and I simply cannot do without them! They don’t smudge your make up, and are the best for Mumbai weather! You can get them at any store that sells cosmetics in your area, or order them online here or here.

3. Nail paint drying spray

Every girl knows how difficult it is to wait for your nail paint to dry. It’s almost like a catastrophe, especially when you’ve waited almost 15 minutes, and the paint on one nail smudges! This spray has been a lifesaver for me! You just have to wait a minute after applying your nail paint, spray each nail, and you’re good to go in 2 minutes after that! No smudging and you’ve saved so much time! You can buy a similar spray here if it isn’t available at a store in your area.

4. Lip Conditioner

I feel like my lips are chapped 24×7! I’m constantly using lip balms and scrubs, but somehow, every time I apply a dark lipstick, my chapped lips ruin the show! My search for the right lip balm finally ended when I tried the Mac Lip Conditioner. My lips aren’t chapped anymore, and I am absolutely addicted to it! You can get it at any Mac store in your area.

5. Scrub before shaving

Hair removal is one of the biggest stresses of my life! If you are used to waxing, I must say, you’re very brave. I tried waxing a couple of times, and realised it isn’t for me. I’m definitely one of the weaker ones who chooses the razor instead! I recently tried the Venus Gillette razors for women, and trust me, they are so much better than the SatinCare that you get at all the local drugstores! Also, use a body scrub before shaving to get rid of dead cells and your skin will be super smooth after! This body scrub is from Bath & Body Works.

Hope this post helped you!
P.S. : Please make sure to check the contents of each product in case of any allergies.