Travel Keith Haring style! #SnobTravels

One of America’s popular street artists from the 80s, Keith Haring’s work has got the appreciation of many. Samsonite recently created a travel range around some of his signature work. Quite different from the usual Samsonite products, they put Keith Haring’s iconic graffiti design on a few travel accessories. The entire range is very fun and so vividly striking, that one could easily spot it from a distance.

I think I’ve established this before, but packing light is not one of my fortes. I could pretty much pack my whole life in my suitcase, if it weren’t for baggage restrictions. So when it comes to the luggage I use, I definitely need something sturdy and durable, that will last me a long time, and will be able to endure my packing habits. Also, when I look for travel bags for myself, I need something that is unique and peppy, unlike the conventional solid coloured suitcases one sees everywhere. I do own a couple of those myself too, but who doesn’t love something vibrant and colourful?

Talking about the aspects of quality and durability, Samsonite’s very well-known for that. As for the design bit, the Keith Haring range has that pretty much taken care of. This particular luggage is so easy to manoeuvre and carry around, and is the perfect carry-on size. It comes with an in-built triple combination lock, and it fits in more than you’d expect (trust me, I’ve tried that for myself). Every time I travel, I need to have it with me. I’m so much in love with it, that if I had my way, I’d carry it with me everywhere!

Luggage – Samsonite; Top, Jeans – H&M; Jacket – Primark; Shoes – New Look; Sunglasses – Ray Ban; on my lips – MAC Mocha

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  1. March 14, 2016 / 1:22 pm

    awesome girl,…

  2. March 15, 2016 / 9:15 am

    How can I buy this suitcase? Is there any online link for this?

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