Nashi Argan launch + first impressions

The two weeks that I didn’t post here, I spent creating a lot of new content for the blog, social media and my YouTube channel. So prepare to be bombarded with a lot of new posts, and videos too! I’m talking about haircare today, introducing to you a brand that recently launched in India, Nashi Argan.

I attended the launch event a few weeks ago, and posted quite a bit on Snapchat from there. But I wanted to talk more about the products once I had used them for a while. The event was wonderful and very well organised, and although I couldn’t stay too long, I learnt a little about the products and got to take some home to try for myself. The Nashi Argan products are made around the concept of maintaining your hair’s natural hydration. Sounds quite interesting, right?
You’re probably aware that a regular shampoo does dehydrate our hair. 80% of our hair is composed of water, and unlike other shampoos that take away 60% of our hair’s hydration, the Nashi Argan one reduces only 10%, and thus, keeps most of our natural hydration intact. Being someone with very dry hair, this was something I definitely wanted to try out. After just one wash, I noticed a significant change in the way my hair felt. It definitely felt more hydrated than normal.
I also used the conditioner and oil, and would definitely recommend the entire range if you’re looking for some new haircare products to try. The range works for all hair types and is doesn’t strip your hair of it’s natural properties, while leaving it feeling very healthy and nourished after just one use.

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  1. August 22, 2016 / 3:04 pm

    were to buy this products can u plss tell 🙂

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