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What I learnt in 2016

What I learnt in 2016
Happy new year, guys! I hope you all are having the best start to the year!
As every year, 2016 had it’s ups and downs. Personally for me, there were a lot more ups than downs, and tonnes and tonnes of things to learn. Reflecting back on the past year,

I’ve grown so much, not only professionally, but as a person as well. And today, I’m just penning down the things 2016 taught me, hoping to share some of my experiences with you guys, and I’d love to know what you learnt this year too!

2016 taught me patience, and that good things take time. Eventually everything that you truly want, will find it’s way to you. All you gotta do is be patient.
2016 taught me to work hard.
2016 also taught me that sometimes it’s okay to not work too hard and take some time out for yourself.
I learnt that almost every single thing around us has thought and effort put into it, and sometimes it’s nice to not let it go unnoticed.
I learnt that just saying ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ can make the world of a difference.
I learnt that I am very very lucky to live the life I live. The fact that I not only have basic necessities, but a lot lot more than that is a gift that I will always be grateful for.
I learnt that I’ve changed a lot as a person this year, for the good.
I also learnt that I’ve not changed enough, and can be a  not-so-nice person sometimes (gotta work on that in 2017 haha)
I learnt that we can’t always have good, happy times. It’s okay to have your down moments. They just let you appreciate the high moments so much more.
I learnt that all I need in life is a few people whom I love and trust to keep me going.
I learnt to not be lazy (sometimes).
I learnt that I love to travel, and as amazing as 2016 was for me to travel, I hope that 2017 is better!
I learnt that it’s okay to be proud of yourself, but without being a snob (see what I did there?)
I could go on, but lastly, I learnt that you guys are the best. The absolute best. I could never thank you guys enough. Y’all keep me inspired, motivated and just make my day, all the time. And every time I’m upset, or I log onto YouTube or Instagram and come across a hateful comment, the only thing that keeps me going is YOU. I hope that 2017 is the best year of your life, and gives you everything that you could ever ask for, and so so much more.
P.S. Tell me what you learnt in 2016 in the comments below, I’d love to know!







Top, necklace – Zara; Skirt – Candidly Couture; Shoes – Forever21
Images by – Mohit Varu
Shot at – Billionaire Bar & Kitchen



  1. January 3, 2017 / 8:12 am

    Hi love i learned to be independent and do little things by myself…but i also learned that ppl change i know this year u got really busy with travelling and other things..good for u sweetheart but we missed aashna that found time to reply back to emails and comments now we just feel unnoticed u were the 1st blogger i ever followed on insta and i yet love u but just miss the times i got notified that u have relied to my comment and tagged me in ur comment..keep up the good work we love u.

  2. January 3, 2017 / 6:41 pm

    You are so amazing at whatever you do❤️✨ wow so much for 2016👌🏼💯 Your post gives me so many take away messages , most important being that I am very very lucky too to be living such a wonderful life! Forever grateful 🙏🏼✨
    I learnt that it's okay if people don't like you (not everyone has good taste) 😉
    I learn that if people cared you would know! And no matter how good you are to people, it won't make them good to you!
    This past year has taught me a lot more about people!!
    I hope I am surrounded by positive and good vibes only this new year 🌸❤️🙏🏼
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses to my most fav❤️😘

    • January 3, 2017 / 6:42 pm

      Also, I forgot to mention that you look super hot in all the pictures😍🔥

  3. January 4, 2017 / 10:12 am

    In 2016 i learnt tht not always good happens to you ..bas times come,n it becomes vry difficult at times to hold on ur hopes ….but its okh bad times go …I m vry willingly strtn my blog pg i shared this to mah parents n family …unfortunately no 1 supported me ..rather they wld try to convince me tht this wld b vry difficult ,risky ,too much competition is their,financial problms n all ..i was getting demotivated but at such times i come on ur insta or utube or ur interviews pgs n look at u listen to wht u speak n i used to get a lil peace from tht frustration ….really tht time i cld not control mahslf from contacting u through mail .n luckily i got ur reply ..tht day i was vry clam n din cried at all ..ssly ,i dono abt others but if u ask abt me ..I really n honestly respect u love u ….ur every word inspires me ..i follow u not only for accounts ..but also wht u say ..ur words teaches me new chapters of life ,thankful to god tht he gave me such a flawless person (u mah stunner) who fits in d place of role model so perfectly tht now no 1 else can take it for sure i can guarantee tht ….plz i wish tht u also read mah 1st blog ,i wld b vry vry thankful to u for so
    2016 gave me a bst gift of mah life
    Yea i did made many memories in 2016 tht i can cherish fo the whole life ,
    Tht poloroid with u is 1 of thm …..
    Mah stunnee really plz keep goin n slaying with ur smile …ur smile is everything 😍❤no 1 else in d whole world will b havn such a special smile ..for me atleast ♡♡
    I learnt to keep goin no matter how bad eveythn is turning to b …jus keep goin n doin ur wrk properly n honestly ..
    I learnt tht yes their are many people around us some r bad ..some r good ..some show they r bad but they r good n vice versa.
    It is not necessary tht every 1 will b good to u always ..somtimes they mi8 b bad to u ..mean to u …so rather thn regreting on tht its better to move on n ignore such people n ur life removing them out of ur life mi8 make u feel weird at the strt but it gets fine as the time passes by .
    I learnt not to turst any1 so easily .

  4. January 4, 2017 / 10:17 am

    I also learnt to wait patiently for thee things to happen n yes u get it if u wish for it strngly n i have a live eg ..it mah damn wish to see u in real but was desperate as i missed 1 chance n was waiting for nxt n u were so busy travelling over seas ..but suddenly *bliss* thankful to Clinique for completing mah wish so well ♡♡*bliss*
    I learnt tht i shldnt hurry for takn any decisions .
    N yea last but not the least ….being kind always hlps then being rude.

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