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A diamond is forever – Know your diamonds

A diamond is forever – Know your diamonds

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘A diamond is forever’. There’s so much about a diamond that makes it every woman’s biggest desire. Not only is it absolutely and brilliantly beautiful, but it symbolises love, trust, emotions, and owning a diamond gives us a satisfying sense of achievement.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a diamond masterclass put together by Forevermark, who are truly the diamond experts. The entire session was all about getting to know more about diamonds, understanding what goes into the creation of one, and about Forevermark as a brand and their beliefs.
The hour I spent in that room gave me a whole new perspective on why diamonds are considered such a valuable investment and how important it is for us to know more about what we are buying before we spend our hard earned money on it.

(reflection of light on a 10 carat Forevermark diamond in a dark room)

Delving a little into the history of diamonds and Forevermark, I learnt that the youngest diamond ever mined is easily a million years old! How crazy is that?! Forevermark started out in 2004 in Hong Kong, and has slowly grown to make a mark as one of the world’s leading diamond companies, known for their exceptional beauty and quality of diamonds.
FUN FACT – The pressure caused by holding an inverted Eiffel Tower onto our palm is the amount of pressure a diamond has to undergo before it crystallises.
It’s time to get into some technical know-how now!
– Diamonds are the hardest natural material on Earth.
– Every diamond ever mined is formed about 200 kilometres under the ground.
– The 4Cs of diamonds are Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat. Forevermark diamonds go beyond the basic 4Cs and create diamonds of unprecedented standards of beauty, quality and integrity.
– One of Forevermark’s fundamental concepts is that each of their diamonds come with a unique inscription number that is placed on the table facet of the diamond, and assures a customer that their diamond has met all the Forevermark standards of beauty, rarity and is responsibly sourced. This inscription is so tiny that it is 1/5000th of a strand of human hair, and isn’t visible to the naked eye.
– The diamonds are responsibly sourced, very carefully selected, and only 1% of the world’s diamonds are worthy of the Forevermark inscription.

Talking about firsthand experience, a couple of years ago, my grandmother gave her precious diamonds to her jeweller to have them set. Little did she know, he had kept them for himself and replaced them with fakes of the same cut. Now I’m not sure whether she knew her diamonds that well or it was just intuition, but she did manage to find out and recover her original diamonds. She definitely got lucky, but I’ve always wondered how one can avoid such situations. That is where Forevermark’s unique inscription saves the day, and helps you identify your original diamond!
This masterclass turned out to be a much needed informative session for me. I have a much better understanding of diamonds, their cuts, and the everlasting value and emotions attached to them. I can now truly cherish and respect the process that goes into creating that perfect Forevermark diamond that is truly an investment. 


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    Yea ….it is d hardest material and only a diamond can cut diamond 😆😆❤

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