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The ‘Almond Edit’ – Forest Essentials

Today I’m bringing to you a brand I’ve loved for many years now, basically ever since I was introduced to it. I’ve raved about their Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser before, and a few other products as well, but this time round, I’ve got something a little bit different from just the regular product information. 

I had the opportunity to visit the Forest Essentials store a while back, where I got the chance to interact with people who know about the process that goes into making each product. The amount of thought and effort that goes into making every single product amazed me. We always see the end result, which is a finished product in this case, but are unaware of what actually goes into it. 

I learnt that each product had a story behind it, and the stories made so much sense when you related them to the product. So I thought I’ll share a little snippet of their production process with you guys. Forest Essentials does an Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Almond Oil, and the video below, is the process of how it is extracted, right from how sweet almonds are graded according to quality and then used in products, to the way the almond oil created from Organic Sweet Almond Seeds that are crushed by hand, using old fashioned crushers to extract oil which to make the oil nutrient rich. It’s only 14 seconds long, so you can give it a quick watch! 

I’m also sharing two products that include the almond oil : one is the Extra Rich Rose & Mandarin Body Massage Oil and the second is the Cane Sugar & Tamarind Body Polisher. To begin with, let me tell you that they smell absolutely divine! And the body polisher leaves your skin super smooth and hydrated. So if you happen to drop by a Forest Essentials store, go take a look at these products, maybe get a feel of them yourself. The fun part is, you’ll already know that it contains almond oil, and what goes into making it!


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  1. September 1, 2015 / 11:28 am

    Aashna firstly amazing job done on your look❤️❤️ The indian traditional look with the bindi and jhumkas are so apt for this post!
    Also i too bought some products from Forest Essentials after you raving about it long time back! The products are divine !
    Cheers :*

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