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Stationery Lovin’

Stationery Lovin’

Quite unlike the posts you’ll normally see me doing, I’m sharing a brand with you today that stole my heart recently. I am a complete sucker for stationery. All kinds of pretty notebooks and pens, especially ones with metallic accents, are pretty much like an obsession. I have a ridiculous amount of notebooks, and I may hate to admit it, but the collection tends to grow at a very rapid pace.

Artchetype is a brand that deals in extremely unique and gorgeous stationery items, and they pretty much had me obsessed with their blogger collection the minute I saw it. The founder, Shivali Vakil, is an architect herself and an absolute delight to talk to! She was very kind and sent me a few pieces for me to keep, which were all personalised for me, I might add. Much to my surprise, the products came in the cutest packaging, and you could see that there was a huge amount of effort put into every bit of it. Close attention had been paid to every tiny detail, of the packaging and the products. I was just so overwhelmed by how pretty everything was, that I decided I had to share these products on the blog with you guys.

If you know me even the slightest, you’ll know that this colour palette of pinks and mints, with gold accents is right up my alley. So I’m sharing pictures of some really cute coasters, notebooks, and a mug for you guys to see, and make sure you go check out Artchetype‘s designer stationery and show them some love!



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