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Clover Club

Outfit, Jewellery – Madison; Sunglasses – Forever21; Shoes – Asos; on my lips – Charlotte Tilbury Sexy Sienna

I’m in a bit of a rush today, because I’m currently functioning on very little sleep and a whole lot of caffeine that’s beginning to wear off, so I’m going to keep this shorter than normal.

When I mentioned that I was unsure of my favourite outfit in my first post with Madison, I don’t think I had the chance to take a close look at this outfit for some reason. While going through the pictures again today, I knew for sure, that this is my favourite. Definitely because it’s so different from what you’d normally see me wear, everything from the fit of the outfit, to the print, is just so not me. But that’s what I love about it!

I can’t tell you how unsure I was of this look when I first saw it, and I am so glad I tried it on! And the pictures turned out so so much better than I expected, which made me happier! Talking about the outfit, I have evidently stuck to a monochrome palette, and somehow I didn’t even feel like this look was missing colour. Of course, a metallic hint with the jewellery and shoes kind of brought the whole look together. A coral lip to top it up, and I was done!

This post didn’t turn out to be as short as I’d expected, but nevertheless, I’m off to bed! Let me know which Madison look you liked the most in the comments below!


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  1. July 23, 2015 / 10:22 am

    Omg I love it so much ❤️❤️ honestly I cannot decide as to which is my favorite look out of the 2nd & the 3rd ones! I love both of them quite a lot ❤️❤️
    You look super stylish and gorgeous in this one!! Love how you've teamed up the Madison pieces !! quite a unique print it is – club of the cards 😀
    You slayin't it totes xx

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