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Tropical Reverie.

Tropical Reverie.
Dress –; Shoes –; Bag – Primark; Watch – Aldo; Sunglasses –; on my lips – Mac Flat out Fabulous
Over a month ago I shared a preview of this look on Instagram, hoping to share the pictures with you guys soon. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of pictures and video footage recently, including these. Thanks to all the super suggestions from you guys, I was able to successfully recover a few pictures! So thankfully, I didn’t have to reshoot this, and I’m finally able to share the look with you guys!
From all the colourful prints I’ve been seeing around this season, tropical ones are hands down my favourites! And I absolutely fell in love with the colours and print of this dress. I also got the opportunity to sport these wedges that I’ve been meaning to wear for the longest time now! From all the Missa More pieces I’ve donned so far, this is probably my favourite because a bright printed dress like this would definitely be my go-to summer outfit!
I’d love to know what you guys think of this look!
P.S. I’ll see you guys super soon with a new post, and my YouTube videos will hopefully be more regular from next week! Lots of love to every single one of you!


  1. June 12, 2015 / 3:25 pm

    Firstly I couldn't be any more happier to see a new post from you 😁😁 I'm already super excited about the new videos 😁❤️❤️💞
    I absolutely loooove this dress on you Aashna ❤️ The tropical prints and bright colour compliments you perfectly 😍 I don't think it would've looked this good on anybody else 🎀
    Waiting for the next post and more pictures of you to crush over 😍😍

  2. June 12, 2015 / 4:10 pm

    Aashnaaaaa 💕 you super gorgeous hot lady💋 Love this tropical print on you! You make this dress look 100 times prettier! I wouldn't have looked half as good as you do👌
    Mac Flat our Fabulous is definitely your lippie , haha!
    I'm extremely delighted to know that you'll be more regular with your Youtube videos! Wohooooo😁😍 I cannot wait yupie😘
    And yes, thank God you managed to recover some of the pics💙💜

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